Should You Get a Containment Guarantee? – Charleston Dog Fence

Buying aCharleston dog fence to contain your dog in your yard, correct?  You have completed the training and your dog, no matter what you do, will not stay contained.

What options do you have?  Wouldn’t you want a refund of your monies if the pet containment system failed to keep you dog safe at home.  Sadly, that doesnt always happen.  Check the fine print on your purchase because most of the store bought and catalog ones only carry a one year electronics guarantee and a 30 day satisfaction of purchase. One month is not long enough to ensure that  problems do not arise.

There is not much of a difference in guarantees with the name brand installed dog fence systems either. Do your research before you purchase a Charleston dog fence.

Never purchase a pet fence with such a poor containment guarantee.  Contianment in the first month is important but you will have your  dog for a long time and  want to be sure that if a problem occurs you  have the option of a good pet containment guarantee.

Some  dog fence companies do not advertise their dog containment guarantee.   Containment is an important issue with electronic containment systems.  Be sure to read the fine print when you purchase a Charleston Dog Fence.  With most companies you lose the labor portion of the installation cost and you rarely get back the full amount you paid

There is only one company in the world that offers a full one year dog containment guarantee.  That company is Contain-A-Pet.  The only thing you have to do is follow your trainers guidelines for containing your specific dog.

Up to one full year if you have done what your trainer has asked of you to do and your dog cannot be contained a refund will be given.

At Contain-A-Pet of Charleston  we use sound dog training and behavior principles to teach your dog how to stay in his yard.  The training program takes no longer than most but it is more effective.  When looking at Charleston Dog fencing be sure to do your homework.

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