Electronic Dog Fence Pros and Cons

Pros of the Electronic Dog Fence


The expense of your electronic dog fence is not very large when compared to conventional fencing. A good electronic dog fence will do the job and at a lesser cost than having to put up a physical fence to contain your dog.  A physical dog fence will cost starting around $1,500 and go upwards depending on the size and style of fence.  An Electronic Dog Fence with a good warranty starts a little more than half of that cost.

Your View

The electronic dog fence does not interfere with the aesthetics or your home and yard. Haven’t you  ever seen a beautiful home that has a small fenced area that sticks out like a sore thumb. A physical boundary around your
entire yard is not going to work for most homeowners. Depending on where you live you might have guidelines about the style and size. With an Electronic Dog Fence that never is an issue.


Electronic dog fencing is very durable and very little can effect it.  With conventional fencing falling trees,high winds and in most cases people cause damage that can let your dog escape.  Not to mention that you will forever be maintaining it and landscaping around it.


Electronic dog fences are very reliable if purchased from a good company and used properly. With conventional fencing dogs can jump over or dig out. Many times a gate is left open by a child or an adult. Many dog owners find out after paying for a conventional fence that they have to install an electronic fence to keep the dog in.

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The Cons of an electronic dog fence

Training the dog.

You as a dog owner must be ready to spend the time nessary to properly condition your dog for his new surroundings.  It is just a important as the equipment you are using. One without the other is just a waste of money. Luckly there are companies out there who assist you with the training such as Contain-A-Pet of Charleston.

Aggressive Dogs

If your dog exhibits signs of aggression then it is not a candiate for electronic dog fencing. Even though they might be contained you cannot prevent someone walking into the yard and the consquences could be bad for both you and your pet. If in doubt about aggression make sure you consult a professioanl before installing and electronic dog fence.


An electronic dog fence does require you to monitior it and change batteries from time to time. Again it relys upon the owner to ensure proper operation. With that being said if you truly love your dog you will take the time to ensure it is working properly.

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